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PT. Gaia Surya Infrastrada

Evaluating the latest technologies is everyday.


What We Do

Networking Products

Gaia Surya Infrastrada provides connectivity products for diverse networking and internetworking environments such as Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, or Gigabit Hubs and Switches, Routers, Transceiver, NIC, Wireless LAN, RAS, Modems and Multiplexers.

  • Orthogon Systems
  • Avocent
  • Cisco Systems
  • Linksys
  • RAD

Structured Cabling Systems

To future standard and proof your cabling systems, we offer a complete range of network infrastructure such as UTP or STP, Coaxial, and Fiber Optic, Information outlet, cable assembles, connectors, raceways, power protection and test equipment with products as follow.

  • Comscope Systimax Cabling Solution
  • Panduit Cabling Solution
  • AMP NetConnect Cabling Solution
  • Nexans Cabling Solution
  • Rosenberger HDCS Cabling Solution

Power Site Preparation

To ensure the IT Infrastructure and Network which need the highly continuity operation, Gaia Surya Infrastrada we offer a complete range of power installation such as medium voltage power cabling distribution from Power Outlet to Panel Distribution with products as follow.

  • APC (UPS & Power Protection)
  • Fuji Electric (Breaker & PLC)
  • Merlin Gerin (UPS & Breaker)
  • Clipsal
  • MK/EGA
  • Legrand
  • Sucaco

Service and Technical Support

In order to keep our customers satisfaction, Gaia Surya Infrastrada emphasizes its services as:

  • Provides a minimum one year warranty for all hardware products sold for part and labor.
  • Responsive and progressive solution to customers problems.
  • Provides back-up unit within 2 x 24 hours in order to maintain our customers activity.
  • Guarantee from the manufacturer in terms of spare-parts continuity, repair, technical assistance, tools, equipments, documentations as well as customers training and education.


Our Satisfied Clients

  • PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia – Papua
  • PT. PLN PJB-1 Unit Pembangkit Suralaya
  • PT. Skypak International – Subsidiary of TNT (Head Office)
  • PT. TNT Logistic Indonesia (Airport Warehouse)
  • British Embassy in Indonesia
  • British Consulate in Indonesia
  • Belgium Embassy in Indonesia
  • PT. BASF Indonesia (Head Office & Plants)
  • PT. Star Energy (Kakap) (Head Office)
  • PT. ConocoPhillip Indonesia (On-shore Office & Off-shore Site)
  • PT. Jalawave Cakrawala (Internet Data Centre)
  • PT. Sony Indonesia (Head Office)
  • PT. Trimegah Securindo Lestari (Head Office)
  • PT. Swadharma Duta Data
  • PT. Reka Piranti Prakarsa – Subsidiary of PT. Swadharma Duta Data
  • PT. Sri Rejeki Isman
  • WFP – United Nation (Jakarta & Banda Aceh Emergency Office)
  • PT. New Zealand Milk Indonesia (Head Office)
  • Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (Head Office)
  • ANZ Bank
  • PT. Gudang Garam, Tbk (Gempol Plants)
  • Nasional High Harapan Bangsa
  • PT. Matrikstama Andalan Mitra
  • PT. Aplikanusa Lintasarta
  • Televisi Republik Indonesia (Head Office & Branch Office)
  • PT. Danareksa (Persero)
  • PT. Reksasentosa Dinamika – Subsidiary of PT. Danareksa (Persero)
  • Deutsche Bank AG (Head Office, Disaster Recovery Centre, Surabaya Branch)
  • PT. Philip Morris Indonesia
  • PT. H.M. Sampoerna
  • PT. Sampoerna Telecommunication Indonesia